Learn a little about Elisa…

Elisa grew up in a close southern family with a mother who is the exact definition of a ‘Domestic Diva’. Her mom taught her everything she ever knew and nothing stuck. The older she got the more Elisa tried to fit into the perfect box her mother and her muse, Martha Stewart had hewn from a solid piece of mahogany and decorated with faux flowers to give it that ‘homey’ touch. Elisa is a twenty-*cough* year old renting a small room full of other people’s furniture in the Los Angeles area. She lives with her 2 cats Midas and Meekus. She is deeply loved by her Mom, Ramona, her dad, Charles, and her brother and sister, Josh and Abby. She is also loved and supported by her partner and rock, Steve. Without the love of her cats, family, and Steve, who love her despite her clumsiness and inability to knit, she would probably go crazy (if she hasn’t already).  Thank you

3 comments on “Learn a little about Elisa…

  1. mom says:

    Love it, except you make me sound too good

  2. Mer-Bear says:

    DELICIOus BRILLIANCE; BETTER than a rum chocolate soufflé!

  3. Wendy says:

    Wait…you don’t knit?

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